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Fast Dr cleaning carpet
Dry Foam Encapsulation Cleaning
Cleaning carpet with Fast Dry Method
Cleaning pet hair from carpet
Carpets being cleaned - Pre Vacuum
example of Rotowash machine cleaning carp
Rotowash removes pet hair from carpet

Where there are heavy soiling present,  We first Pre Spray with our quality cleaning solution then we Scrub the heavy soiled area with our Counter Rotating Brush machine before Carpet Cleaning.

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Pet Owners Clean

Recommended for pet lovers who treat there pets as a family member.  First we Pre Spray with our quality cleaning solution, then we scrub all of your carpeted area with our Counter Rotating Brush Machine to lift hair, Lint, Sand and loose fibre's followed by Cleaning your carpets with our preferred method, leaving them fresh & clean.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

The popular name of Carpet Steam Cleaning is a false term used in the industry as no steam is used to clean carpets, this why it has been better labelled "Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning" since an average of up to 80 litres of water is used to clean an average house with carpets.  

SilverBack Carpet Cleaning can offer you a range of options to suit your particular needs.  From Heavy soiling cleans to light soiling or removal of pet hair that regular vacuuming can't sufficiently remove.

We have a number of packages to suite your needs:

Minimum Fee of $88.00 Apply, Prices Include GST:


Furnished means some items to be moved for the clean

Un-Furnished means rooms are empty or clean around furniture



Standard Carpet Clean

Light to medium soiling, We Pre Spray your carpet with our quality cleaning solution before Carpet Cleaning.

Heavy Soiling

Byford And Surrounding Area's

Perth's Carpet Cleaning Specialist

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Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Fast drying time in under 30 minutes.  A very low moisture cleaning process (less than 5 litres for an average house) we us specialised Encapsulation cleaning solution Technology.  We clean your carpets with our dry foam Encapsulation cleaning method using our Ergo Disc Machine Setup.  A better alternative to wet Carpet extraction Cleaning, You will be amazed with the results.

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